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Friday, June 7, 2013

G12M-65 Creamback by Celestion,... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $159.00 USD + tax & shipping

Celestion is the world's largest manufacturers of loudspeakers.

This G12M-65 Creamback features a power rating of 65 watts (rms) with a pressed steel chassis, round copper voice coil and a ceramic magnet with a nominal impedance of 8Ω & 16Ω in a 12”/305mm package. 


Guitar used:

Dark Horse 10-46

Guitar Pick:
Gravity 1.5

General Specifications

Nominal diameter -12", 305mm
Power rating - 65Wrms
Nominal impedance - 8Ω & 16Ω
Sensitivity - 97dB
Chassis type - Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter- -1.75", 44.5mm
Voice coil material - Round copper
Magnet type - Ceramic
Magnet weight - 35oz, 0.99kg
Frequency range - 75-5000Hz
Resonance frequency, Fs - 75Hz
DC resistance, Re - 6.7Ω & 13.1Ω

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter - 11.1", 283mm
Diameter - 12.2", 309mm
Magnet structure diameter - 5.9", 150mm
Mounting slot dimensions - 0.31", 7.9mm Ø
Mounting slot PCD - 11.7", 297mm
Number of mounting slots - 8
Overall depth - 5.1", 130mm
Unit weight - 7.9lb, 3.6kg

Reliability & Durability:
It's a Celestion -- it will hold up just fine and out last your amp with proper use. 

My first impression was wow -- my first thought was it's about time! In my opinion, Celestion is to a guitar amp's tone what water is to the human body. It makes up 80% of it, and without it your tone would die a slow and horrible death. 

That’s me hearing Creambacks for the first time – Yes I’m in disbelief.
I'm a 2 x 12 combo greenback player and have been for a while. I have always loved the tone I can achieve but never loved the volume restrictions. Now there is no way I was going to change my setup just to be louder (that's why there is a sound guy) -- but I do get buried in an unmiked environment. The amp I'm currently using is a 40 watt 2 x 12 Bogner combo that I play clean with very little saturation. With the Greenbacks I can not turn her up past 2 o'clock while retaining my desired tone -- so to say the least, I was excited to hear that the Creambacks were 65 watts and had similar voicing to the Greenbacks.   

So to the review -- I was playing a set of Creambacks at the NY Amp Show through a Trainwreck on 11. I was a happy camper, but to be realistic I also tried them with a 3 Monkeys head. They sounded like broken in Greenbacks with a bigger bottom and a ton of headroom -- the amp gods were smiling on me. It is what I have always wanted -- my Greenbacks to be LOUDERTo sum it up -- there's not much to say about this speaker except -- if a Greenback is your best friend and the Creamback is his loud younger sister with a big bottom -- you need to play with her. 

My advice:
If you are a Greenback player that wants the headroom -- Buy this speaker!

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Posted 6/2013
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