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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gravity Guitar Picks Classic Standard, ...(Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $4.99 USD + Shipping

Gravity Picks is the manufacturer of guitar picks that are custom made to your specific dimensions and finish. Gravity Guitar Picks are not a mass produced product. Each pick is shaped, polished, and packaged by professional craftsmen. 

This review in on the classic standard 1.5 polished pick.

Unlike most guitar pick manufacturers that that focus on the tonality and then comfort  -- Gravity puts comfort first by offering a wide variety of different thickness and textures including polished or unpolished, with or without a beveled edge, a master finish and wave pattern option, with your run of overall sizes from mini to XL in eight different colors.

When I received the picks my first impression was that they looked cool due to their translucent color. Almost looking like a thin piece of tinted Plexiglas or one of those fancy ice cubes you get in an overpriced drink at a club where the guys have on more perfume than the women. The texture was much different than I expected--softer than a regular plastic pick,  but with  a firm feel.

Personally I like to use the heaviest pick I can find -- but at the same time I find that the thicker picks have no flexibility and make playing difficult. With the 1.5 I was sent it had the thickness I wanted but with the flexibility of a slightly thinner pick. I'm not sure what the pick is made from but it is an excellent material for my needs as a guitar player and for comfort of play.

When if comes to the sound, this is much different then your typical plastic pick (yes I'm one of those nuts that can hear a difference). To me, it was not as bright -- you hear less pick and more string with a slight boost in the lower-mid range frequency with an increase in harmonic response and sustain. With all that said, I expected that from a $5 pick -- but I was just blown away by was it comfort. They only way I can describe it is if you are to buy an off-the-rack vs a fitted sport coat. Yes they will both look nice, but the fitted one will feel that much better making you forget you have it on.

My advice:
Picks are like guitars strings -- they are an inexpressive way to change the tone of your guitar. At $5 I say go for it.  

Gravity Picks
1086 Suess Court
Manteca, CA 95337
(P) 209 629-1505

Posted 01/2012