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Sunday, January 13, 2013

SlipStop by Off Stage Products,...(Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price:  $9.99 USD

Off Stage Products is the manufacturer of SlipStop -- A flexible self adhesive non-abrasive strip that secures to your guitar preventing slippage while playing.

This is one of those unique products that I needed to take my time with to see if it truly worked. I had the pleasure of meeting Alan Stagg -- the brains behind Off Stage Products at the fall Bee 3 vintage guitar show in Philadelphia this past November. After using this product at the show I decided to bring one home and really put it to the test. This review is based on my experience using this product on multiple guitars under different playing conditions and the results achieved.

As a self-proclaimed guitarist and an avid collector of boutique guitars I knew that I had the arsenal of instruments to try this product on. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I purchase a product at a guitar show or in a store that is displayed on a traditional Stratocaster or Les Paul platform, but then it doesn't work when I bring it home and try it on my nontraditional body style guitars. With a price tag of just $9.99 per unit this product has an incredible value at its price -- if it works. I wanted to make sure that I dedicated a good amount of time to focusing on not only its functionality but its diversity when it comes to different guitars made from nontraditional build materials with different body configurations.  

This is a list of the guitars I used SlpiStop on and it worked 100% of the time without fail.

Jarrett Cyclone
Jarret Forsa
Chile Custom Rustic Viking
Trident Tempest "Dragon Skin"
Jeppson Spitfire
Jeppson Anaconda
Ron Smith Archtop
Black Pearl Maple Jumbo
Parkwood PW 370M
Taylor 414 CE
Martin D 18
Martin D 45
Giannini nylon
MIM Stratocaster
Road-worn American Stratocaster
American Standard Les Paul
American Custom Shop SG
Parker Fly
Godin Fifth Avenue

The only guitar this didn't work on was my oiled open pore Parkwood PW320M acoustic due to the of the aftermarket finish. SlipStop had a hard time sticking to the guitar and would fall off after a few minutes of play. 

There's not much to say or not to say about this product except that it functions the way it's supposed to and will prevent your guitar from sliding down your leg while playing. I have found myself using the one I have more than not especially with thin body electrics.

My advice:
I'm not sure why you wouldn't buy this product if you are a guitar player.

Stage Products LLC
P.O. Box 6841
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Posted 01/2013