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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Axe-Handler by Re-Axe Products, The new standard in portable guitar stands .... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $16.95 + tax & shipping

Re-Axe Products is the American manufacturer of portable pocket sized guitar stands known as Axe-Handlers.

In the words of the manufacturer: 
The Axe-Handler is a portable, weighted support stand for guitars and basses. Its simple, durable, and the best support stand available anywhere.

A few weeks ago Re-Axe Products manager and co-founder Jeff Cutler was the weekly guest on Gear Guys Radio to talk about his product, the Axe-Handler (listen to the Re-Axe show here). Like always, I was skeptical about the quality and durability of this unknown product, but it seemed cool and Jeff said that he was going to send me one of each style (forward and rear facing) to check out. I had seen a few video clips of this product on the interwebs showing it's "durability" by doing burnouts with a car and other stupid sh*t that would never happen in a real world scenario. As a gigging musician I believe I would "smack-a-bitch" if someone not only ran my gear over, but did a burn-out on it -- so I wanted to see if the Axe-Handler held up as a functional piece of equipment.

Having a few guitars in my personal collection with traditional and nontraditional neck shapes and fretboard radius, my first thought was "would this work with all of my stringed instruments?" -- and the answer was yes. Not only did both versions of the Axe-Handler support the guitars, but even my top heavy extended neck felt secure. Now that I knew that this product worked in an "in-home"environment, my main concern was if the Axe-Handler would hold up on a stage with the drums and bass "shaking-the-sh*t" out of it. Again; both the forward and rear facing models held up just fine in the studio and on a platform stage. I personally like the forward facing model best just because of the way it looks -- but both models are 100% functional and work as there are designed to. 

My Office Guitar -- A 1959 Harmony Monterey.
Where I found this product to most useful off stage, was in my office. I'm one of those guys that needs a guitar within an arms reach at all times, or I get grumpy. I had never used a traditional guitar stand in my office and I was not going to drill holes in my walls for "swing". I would just lean a guitar up against my window sill and the wall. It worked... but looked like crap, and I died inside every time my guitar fell. Now my office guitar has a proper home, and that makes me happy.

My advice:
There are very few products that you can get for under $20 that not only truly function as they are intended to, but you will use on a daily basis to insure the safety of your guitar. My advice is buy a few -- they can even put your logo on them.

Re-Axe Products
Mesa Arizona 85212
(P) 480 751-6863 

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Posted 1/2014
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