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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

INTEXcables Speaker Cables,... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: 1M (3.3ft) speaker cable is $65 USD and $2 USD for every 1M after. 

Intex Cables is the Manufacturer of handcrafted high-end instrument & speaker cables.

      Capacitance between conductors =  148 pf/M     (45 pf/ft)
      Overall Nominal Diam. =  6.65 mm    (0.262 in.)
      Jacket thickness =  1.22 mm     (0.048 in)
      Conductor AWG =  15  (65 X 33)
      Conductor material = ETP high-conductivity copper (99.95% pure copper). The high purity obtained from ETP copper results in cable performance that is comparable to that of oxygen-free copper cables
      Insulation & outer jacket material = EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
      Operating temperature range = -50 deg. C to +90 deg.C     (-58 deg. F to 194 deg. F)
      Maximum recommended pulling tension = 82 lbs
      Minimum bend radius (install) / minor axis = 70 mm     (2.750 in)
      EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS II) compliance
      Nominal inductance =  uH/M     (0.22 uH/ft)
      Nominal conductor DC resistance @ 20 deg. C =  11.50 ohm/1000M     (3.5 ohm/1000ft)
      Nominal outer shield DC resistance @ 20 deg. C =  13.7 ohm/1000M     (4.5 ohm/1000ft)
      Maximum Operating voltage = 300V RMS
      Maximum Recommended Current = 9A / conductor @ 25 deg. C
INTEXcables are completely hand made from the finest components here in the USA. All connector parts are made of solid metal, from the brass M642/1-1 Military Spec connector & custom engineered shell to the plated spring steel stress relief spring. All cables are made with a 15 gauge cable custom designed by INTEXcables & Belden, an industry standard microphone cable for over 30 years. No compression or crimping is used to attach cable to connector, INTEXcables are welded insuring the strongest and most durable connection possible.

Custom engraving i.e. Artist & Band identification is avabile on all cables. Personalizing individual cables reduces the occurrence of another band mate packing away the wrong cable. By serializing each cable, INTEX can keep track of each and every cable manufactured and its purchaser. Personalized engraving is available up to 18 characters.

Back in June of 2012 I was turned onto INTEXcables and have not looked back since. Besides their superior sound and lack of noise -- I have used the same instrument cable for (19) months straight without fail. This includes a weekly rehearsal for 3 hours, 10 hours of use in my home per week and up to 5 gigs per months. This cable has been abused like a red headed step child with an under bite and a lisp and has never failed me, so when Jean (the CEO and founder of INTEXcables) said that he was going to make some speaker cables, I was looking forward to getting one.

To start; just like the instrument cables their is zero noise with a clean signal that delivers an almost "high fidelity" sound compared to the leading cables on the market. One of qualities that stands out is the lack of signal loss (especially with a longer cable). I have always used the shortest cable possible to insure that the signal (my tone) is not compromised -- with INTEXcables I would be confident using a 50 foot cable giving me the versatility of running cabs on either side of a small stage.

Over all this is an amazing product of the highest quality that delivers the results the manufacturer claims without fail.

My advice: 
As I said in my last INTEXcables product review... buy a cable and try it for yourself, it is well worth the $80. It made my $4,000 guitar sound like a $4,000 guitar, and my $3,500 amp sound like a $3,500 amp.  

1529 Tamarck Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(P) 760-889-2478 

Posted 01/2014