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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The String Cleaner, A Non-Abrasive Dry String Cleaning System, ... (Review)

Reviewed By: Sean McCormick 
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The String Cleaner

Tone Gear is the Manufacturer of The String Cleaner, a non-abrasive dry string cleaning system.

Strings can be a guitarists best friend or worst enemy. A typical guitarist will try a variety of different brands and styles of strings until they have captured the sound they are looking for. There is nothing like the clean crisp sound of a new set, but as we all know after a few hours of playing they just don’t have that shimmer anymore. As we play our hands transfer all types of fun crap to our strings, robbing them of their tone and longevity of life.

There are a ton of products on the market to clean your strings including aerosol sprays and wipes. I have found that these products will clean your strings, but the sprays have overspray and the wipes only clean the tops of the strings. Both wipes and sprays have active chemical ingredients that can damage your guitar's finish and/or dry out your fretboard if not completely removed while cleaning.

Fortunately, the good people at Tone Gear came up with a non-abrasive, easy to use string cleaner, appropriately dubbed “the String Cleaner”. This award winning product is a way to simultaneously clean the entire string with a 360 degree radius without the mess of a spray or the hassle of a wipe--and without the fear of damaging your guitar.

How it works:
The String Cleaner is a credit card-sized dry string cleaner that uses a microfiber pad that is mounted on a plastic housing that unfolds like a business card holder. You simply unfold it and place one half above the strings and the other under them by the bridge of the guitar. You then clamp it shut and run it up the length of the guitars neck and back down to the bridge two to three times. The entire process takes about 10 seconds and your strings are clean. 

Application and Cleaning:
The guitar version worked on my six and twelve strings without any problems, and the bass version features a pad that also cleans the instrument's fingerboard. The microfiber pad is reusable and can be cleaned with warm water and liquid soap.

It works. My strings were dirty and now they're not.

My advice:
If you are a gigging musician, you know how sweaty, sticky, and just flat out nasty your hands get at a show. This is a great tool to keep in your pocket and use in-between sets to keep your strings sounding their best. My advice is buy two, in case you lose one.

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Posted 06/2012