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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jeff Bober "God­fa­ther of The Low Wattage Amp Revolution" Brings Us East Amplification ... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $1,550.00 USD + Shipping

EAST Amplification is the manufacturer of boutique, hand crafted, all-tube guitar amplifiers based out of Maryland.

Since Jeff Bober's depar­ture from Budda Amps in late 2009, he has launched his new com­pany, EAST Ampli­fi­ca­tion and is design­ing ampli­fiers that he con­sid­ers to be the nat­ural pro­gres­sion in prod­uct design from his pre­vi­ous brand. Dif­fer­ent yet sim­i­lar, these amps also have a voice of their own while retain­ing the same feel and touch sen­si­tive response that made his pre­vi­ous designs so revered by all lev­els of play­ers. His first offer­ing, the Studio2, is a full fea­tured, huge sound­ing, ver­sa­tile 2 watt record­ing and small venue mas­ter­piece, which is once again firmly cement­ing his posi­tion as “God­fa­ther of the low wattage amp revolution”.

Amp Features:
This EAST Amplification Studio2 1x10 New York Minute Combo
"pronounced My-Newt", 
is powered by 1- 5U4 rectifier three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 2- 12AT7 output tubes (in a push-pull configuration) with an 8-ohm 1- 10” EAST Amplification Reference 10" speaker. It has 2 tube-watts of output and is equipped with input gain (pre-volume), vol­ume, tre­ble, mid­dle, bass, pres­ence, mas­ter, play/rest switch & power switch

Amp Casing: 

A solid pine finger jointed construction, overrated components on a light weight aluminum chassis.
21" W x11" D x19" H
34 lbs

Guitar used:
Jarrett Forza
Zexcoil Fender Strat

Cables used:

Reliability & Durability:
Jeff from EAST Amplification lent us this prototype amp to use at our booth at The Great American Guitar show in Philly. It was on for six straight hours hrs and was used by over 50 different people all using different settings, and it held up without any problems. 

A huge 2 watts with full powerful highs and tight attack. The 10" speaker sounded more like a 12 being pushed by 15 watts. I was able to dial in that dirty American classic rock sound that we all want when playing a guitar with a set of PAF's in it.  The amp felt more vintage than new, almost broken in, and gave me a wider frequency response range than most. Also, I didn't have to crank it to dial in my sound. This EAST Amplification Studio2 1x10 New York Minute Combo
"pronounced My-Newt", offers the gigging/studio musician a durable light weight portable amp that has the sound of a 2 x 10 or 1 x 12 set up that will not make your audience or recording engineer deaf to get that sweet, sweet sound.

My advice:
If you're a vintage tube amp player and you are ready for an American built boutique all tube studio or small venue amp this is the amp for you. So my advice is buy it.

EAST Amplification 
(P) 443-871‑2625
Posted 06/2012