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Friday, June 8, 2012

Satellite Amplifiers® Portable Class A All Tube Guitar Amp, ...(Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price:
Amp Head $550.00 USD + Shiping
Combo Amp $750.00 USD + Shiping
(with Celestion Century Neodymium 12 inch speaker)

Satellite Amplifiers® is the manufacturer of boutique hand crafted all-tube guitar amplifiers based out of San Diego, CA.

This Satellite Amplifiers® Port-A-Watty is a portable battery powered/wall powered all tube 12 watt guitar amplifier that has two versions powered by either 6AQ5 tubes, or with 6V6 tubes. Currently it is available from Satellite Amplifiers® as a 1-12 combo and as an amp head. 

Amp Features: 
12-Watts Class AB, Power Tubes: with either 6AQ5, or 6AQ5 tubes, Gain, and Volume controls. The Combo version features (1) Celestion Century Neodymium 12 inch speaker. Both the Amp head and the combo have a built in rechargeable battery power supply system that gives the player up to 5 hours of playing time on a full charge.

Guitar used:
Adam Grimm’s 1970’s Gibson Les Paul

Reliability & Durability:
I was one of the lucky ones that had a chance to play the uncased prototype at the NY guitar show on June 3rd so I did not have a chance to abuse the product like I have others in the past. I have only heard good things about Satellite Amplifiers® and from the construction of their other amp models at the show, they look like they can take a beating. 

I have played many different amps and for the most part they are very close in design and the tonality is what separates them. This amp has a nice warm vintage sound that complements the guitar but it has something that the other guys don’t: portability with tonality. There are a few amp manufactures that offer a portable practice amp, and they work well but you would never (or at lest I would never) use them to play a venue. What Satellite Amplifiers® has done is turn their attention to detail in this portable product. This amp not only sounds better than the Fender Blues JR III, Marshal Haze, and Vox ac15, but you can unplug it and bring it with you. If you're like me, you like sitting on the porch on a warm night with an acoustic playing the blues, but with this amp, you can also piss off the neighbors a little with some Hendrix if you feel like it. This amp is a great amp overall and it would be on my wish list just for its overall sound, but the fact that it is portable makes it just amazing.   

My advice:
This Amp is a great buy. If you are in the market for a studio or small amp I would get it. If you wanted a portable all tube guitar amp this is the best I have seen to date. 

Satellite Amplifiers®
1322 Gertrude St.
San Diego, CA 92110