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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Intex Cables Instrument Cables, Put To The Test ... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: 10 foot 1/4" straight instrument cable $79.00 USD 

Intex Cables is the Manufacturer of handcrafted high-end instrument cables.

  • Capacitance between conductors = 98 pf/M (30 pf/ft)
  • Jacket thickness = 0.89mm (0.035 in)
  • Conductor AWG = 20 (26 X 34)
  • Conductor material = ETP high-conductivity copper (99.95% pure copper). The high purity obtained from ETP copper results in microphone cable performance that is comparable to that of oxygen-free copper cables
  • Insulation & outer jacket material = EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
  • Operating temperature range = -50 deg. C to +90 deg.C (-58 deg. F to 194 deg. F)
  • Maximum recommended pulling tension = 45.45 Kg (100 lbs)
  • Minimum bend radius (install) / minor axis = 70 mm (2.750 in)
  • EU ROHS Compliance = 01/01/2004
  • Nominal inductance = 0.055 uH/M (0.18 uH/ft)
  • Nominal conductor DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 32 ohm/1000M (10.6 ohm/1000ft)
  • Nominal outer shield DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 13.7 ohm/1000M (4.5 ohm/1000ft)
  • Hand-soldered using quad eutectic solder
  • All-metal connector assembly
  • 2” plated spring steel strain relief 
INTEXcables are completely hand made from the finest components here in the USA. All connector parts are made of solid metal, from the brass M642/1-1 Military Spec connector & custom engineered shell to the plated spring steel stress relief spring. All cables are made with Belden 8412, an industry standard microphone cable for over 30 years. No compression or crimping is used to attach cable to connector, INTEXcables are welded insuring the strongest and most durable connection possible.

Because of the unique hexagonal shape of the connector shell, flat surfaces allow custom engraving i.e. Artist & Band identification. Personalizing individual cables reduces the occurrence of another band mate packing away the wrong cable. By serializing each cable, INTEX can keep track of each and every cable manufactured and its purchaser.

Personalized engraving is available. The longest name we have done is Yngwie Malmsteen, so 18 characters is the limit per line.

It’s easy to take cables for granted. They typically have no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance, and you don’t pay any attention to them until it’s too late. So the question is why? Why should you spend the extra cash on a cable? 
Since most of us obsess over clarity and tonality of our instrument, and spend thousands of dollars on our gear we should care how the signal gets from points A to B, but we sometimes forget this step. This is like buying a super car and putting low octane gas in it on race day; you will never have access to the full power of the engine and you may not finish at all. 

With the typical 10 foot 1/4" straight instrument cable costing between $10 and $100 you really need to ask yourself why. Why would something as simple as a cable have such a wide price range? It all comes down to quality, build materials, and construction. 
I consider myself a guitarist so I will reference similarities in products I am familiar with such as when buying an acoustic guitar. Let’s take the Epiphone guitar company vs Macpherson Guitar Works. They both make a maple jumbo acoustic guitar. They even look almost the same from afar, but they are much different. The Epiphone is made of a fiberboard laminate material and the Macpherson is made from trees. The Epiphone is farted out of a CNC machine and glued together on an assembly line by employees of their Asian plant. The Macpherson is handcrafted by master luthier Dennis Macpherson out of the finest materials in his shop in New Jersey. I think you get my point, when it comes to musical instruments and products you have to pay a little more for a better quality. 
Now to the review of this cable, it was used with many different guitars and amps always with the same result, very loud and punchy with an amazingly big sound. Great top-end shimmer and outstanding midrange focus. It took the signal from the guitars and sent it to the amp without hum, crackles, hiss, or pops. It did exactly what it was intended for, and did it very well. The construction is solid; after I tried it I then abused it. I tossed it against the wall, stepped on it, closed my case on it and left it over night crimped, left it outside over night, I did every thing I could think of to destroy it including spilling a beer on it and it still works as well as it did the first time I plugged it in.

My advice: 
Buy a cable and try it for yourself it is well worth the $80. It made my$4,000 guitar sound like a $4,000 guitar.  

1529 Tamarck Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(P) 760-889-2478 

Posted 06/2012