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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lutehole Hand Carved Solid Wood Soundhole Covers ... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacture
Street Price: $65.00 USD

Lutehole Soundhole Cover
Lute Hole Products, Inc. is a manufacture that produces hand carved solid wood soundhole covers for acoustic guitars that helps reduce feedback form amplification with out suppressing the instruments natural voicing and air flow.

It is a snug fit for any standers 4” soundhole. Install time is a grueling 30 seconds at most.

I used my Fender twelve string, this guitar is poorly built with some of the worst material you can use to build what Fender had the nerve to call a guitar in this case. I installed a shadow nanoflex undersaddle setup. Let just say I can play the feedback like it is its own instrument (it’s a talent). I set up a Fishman sa220 in my living room and started playing. Now I would normally need to be about ten feet away with my back to the amp while playing this wonderful guitar, but I was able to sit in front of it three feet away without the normal feedback. It did not dampen the sound of the guitar at all, it even made it look better. I'm not saying that the guitar didn't feed back, this thing is a screamer. It reduced the feedback enough that I was able to notch it out. I was not able to do that without this cover. In fact when I put the guitar on a stand and faced it towards the amp it did not feedback until I removed the cover. So over all if I needed to used this guitar at a gig I could without the fear of the feedback trolls killing my set.

When I first put the lutehole cover on I though if it didn’t work I would still leave it in since it dress up my guitar. After using it I can see why talent like Bret Michaels, Kenny Loggins, Taylor Swift, Randy Travis, Richie Sambora, and Randy Bachman all use this product.

My advice:
Buy it, it adds to the look of your guitar without suppressing its sound and it is a feedback killer.

Lute Hole Products, Inc 
5893 SW 21 Street
Hollywood, FL 33023

(P) 305-282-5267
Posted 04/2012