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Friday, April 20, 2012

American Boutique Jeppson Guitars, "Anaconda"... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $1,595.00 USD with case + shipping 
Strings:  DR Pure Blues 11-52

Jeppson Guitars is a Manufacturer of handcrafted, custom boutique, American-built electric guitars and electric bass guitars by master luither Bryan Jeppson, in East Brunswick NJ.

This Anaconda Model has a through-body Tasmanian Blackwood neck dressed with an ebony fretboard featuring evo alloy frets (more durable than traditional nickel silver, but without the harsh tone of stainless steel) separated by pearl split block inlays tied up with maple binding ending in a body with a Zebrawood top and Korina back.

Gold Hardware, Dual Action truss rod, Locking tuners, Earvana compensated tuning system, (1)volume (1) tone knob.

Jeppson "Cool Classic" Humbucker set, 500k CTS pots, 3 way switch,


Amp used 
Vox Pathfinder 15r

Cables used:

Selector position 1: Just Neck 
Warm but strat like with a meaner side, almost p-90ish but not as thin. Great for country rock, rockabilly, and blues.

Selector position 2: Neck and Bridge
An even loose under-wound balance of warmth and clarity without the mud. A solid 1950's rock sound.

Selector position 3:  Just Bridge 
Very thin for a humbucker but fitting. Sounds just like a  "telecaster" neck pickup.

Action, Fit & Finish: 
The finish is a beautiful natural wood grain with a low shine, the action was low without any fret buzz and the intonation was dead on.

Reliability & Durability: 
The guitar seems to be well made. It is solid through and through. There was no hum or crackles from the electronics all knobs and hardware installed snug and proper.  

To start, can I say holy shit? This is not farted out by a CNC, this is not a cookie cutter, this is the creation of an amazing luither that puts his love of music into the making of each instrument so others can enjoy. Bryan Jeppson gave us (2) guitars to try and they are both out of this world. This Anaconda model is my favorite out of the two. The finish doesn't look like it belongs on a guitar but a high-end piece of furniture.  The body is sleek and and inviting to play, I could comfortably reach all 24 frets without hesitation. The neck is a full flat U shape that fits in the palm nicely with a low gloss finish that allows the hand to move quickly up and down her and my fingers were happy dancing on her ebony fretboard. Now if that wasn't enough this has a set of hand-made, under-wound humbuckers. They are not as loud as others but the sound is amazing. Loose blues is best way to describe them. Just turn it up and you will be just fine.

What I would change: 
The only thing I would change is I would take off the compensated nut and go with Tusq. The compensated nut is designed to have perfect intonation, and is does. I'm more of a tone guy and I am willing to give up playing a bar chord at the 14th if it gave me more tonality and sustain. But that's just me. 

My advice:
Play one, its like nothing else out there. Jeppson guitars are in a league of their own. If a Gibson is a supermodel a Jeppson is a naked supermodel that wants to go home with you.

Jeppson Guitars
EastBrunswick, NJ

Posted 04/2012