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Monday, November 25, 2013

BMF Effects The Great Wide Open OD Pedal,... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacture
Street Price: $169.00 USD + shipping

BMF Effects is an American manufacturer of boutique effects pedals.

This review is on The Great Wide Open overdrive point-to-point hardwired effects pedals.

Guitar used: 
Jac Harrison signature Chili Caster by Chili Custom Guitars

Amp used:
Bogner Alchemist 1x12
1972 Fender Bassman head through a 2x12
Epiphone Valve JR head through a 1x12

Cables used:

Strings used:
Dark Horse 10-46

This is by far the most transparent pedal I have used to date. The best and only way to describe it, is that it takes the sound of your amp and gives it more gain without coloring or removing any of the amps original characteristics with a controllable volume boost. I found this pedal to feel more like a class A boost that offers the player (that's you) the ability to dial in more grit/saturation with your boost -- but at the same time you can use this pedal to get that "wide open" screaming sound at lower volumes without losing any of the amps original tone with it's simple but elegant two knob design.

This pedal would make a great addition to any pedalboard as your last in-the-chain OD/boost. If you have a vintage or one channel amp that just sounds its best when pushed hard, or if you are in need of a channel boost with separate gain and volume controls  -- this is your pedal.

My advice: 
Buy it -- this is a very simple but necessary addition to any pedalboard for the guitarist seeking uncolored grit/saturation with separate volume control.


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Posted 11/2013
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