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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Swiss Picks Non-Slip Guitar Picks,... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: 12 pack  $7.99 USD + Shipping

Swiss Picks is the manufacturer of non-slip
guitar picks with an off center hole + raised
edge with a patent pending design.

Since this review is on a guitar pick that
doesn't claim to change the tonality of the
guitar, but claims to prevent the pick from
slipping out of you hand while playing -- I went
into this review a little differently and really
wanted to put these to the test.

After reading the Swiss Picks website I thought the only way to really test this product was to simulate stuff that would get on my hands while playing at a show and see if the pick would stay put. This is what I came up with and the results.

Putting it to the test

Beer /Alcohol
Reason - If you do not have beer or alcohol on your hand at a gig you are doing it wrong.
Result- Didn't Move

Reason - Stuff happens and gets blood on your hands.
Result- Didn't Move

Reason - It is hot on stage and you will sweat and as for the spit -- stuff happens.  
Result- Didn't Move

Reason- Bar food.
Result- Moved a little but I was able to still play.

Hair gel
Reason- Because some of us think we need to look good on stage. 
Result- Moved a little  but I was able to still play.

Guitar Polish
Reason- Because it is on all of my guitars.
Result- Didn't Move

Fretboard Wax
Reason- Because it is on all of my guitars.
Result- Didn't Move

String Cleaner /Fret Fast
Reason- Because  I spray it on my string all the time.
Result- Didn't Move

Hand lotion/Creams
Reason- I use Topricin in between sets so my fingers don't lock up on me.
Result- Didn't Move with Topricin but did with hand lotion and moved to the floor.

After handling money
Reason- I hope you're getting paid, but if not you are doing it wrong.
Result- Didn't Move

Vaseline/KY Jelly
Reason- You never know.
Result- Moved to the floor.

Pink Hand soap
Reason- I hope you wash your hands in between sets to get all the other stuff off. 
Result- Didn't Move

I had fun with this review. Chances are that you will not encounter most of the slippery stuff
I put on my hands for this review -- and if you do you will probably wash it off before playing
your beloved guitar.  I will say that I was shocked that the pick didn't fly out of my hand in
most of my tests as a regular pick would have.  If your hands are clean you will not lose this
pick from slippage, so this product does what it claims to do -- and it looks cool.

My advice:
Buy it -- it's eight bucks, it looks cool, and it works. 

Swiss Picks
P.O. Box 25453
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(P) 310 922-0310
Posted 12/2012