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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tusq by Graphtech Guitar Labs Guitar Pick, ... (Review)

Reviewed By: Jac Harrison
Purchased from: Manufacturer
Street Price: $5.95 USD

Tusq Guitar Picks.
Tusq by Graphtech Guitar Labs is a synthetic alternative to animal bone used on stringed instruments at the points where the strings touch the instrument and now guitar picks.

This review was done using my Parkwood PW370M with Cleartone Phosphor Bronze  11's on her. 

So when I received the picks I really didn't know how I would review them or, more important, how I would translate what I heard into words that would capture the true sound of this product. I will be comparing the Tusq pick to Dunlop Gator Grip .88 (this is my pick of choice). I was given all gauges of the Tusq picks for review, but will be using the A5. This seems to be around the same thickness as the .88. To start I did a drop test. I took each pick and help it about a foot off of my table and when I dropped it they sounded very different. The Dunlop sounded like I was dropping a credit card and the Tusq sounded like a bicycle poker chip. There was a huge difference in volume, and sound. Now for the fun stuff, the only way I can describe the Tusq pic is that you don't hear it, you hear the strings. With any other pick you have this low frequency plastic rub sound that deadens the high end frequency response and harmonics. With using the Tusq pick I found a fuller, more natural sound projecting form the guitar. The sound resonated with louder voicing and had longer sustain. There really was a difference that you could clearly hear.

I think it s a great pick. There are very few simple, one-step things you can do to better the tonality, sustain and voicing of your guitar. This is one of them them. 

My advice:
Picks are like strings, usually you don't put any thought into it. Open your wallet and buy a set of 6 picks that will make your guitar sound they way it was meant to.

Graph Tech Guitar Labs 
#5-7551 Vantage Way
Delta, B.C. Canada
V4G 1C9
Posted 04/2012